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planned future releases:

tarp - lp

third wing of the septigon - cdr

siya sar - cdr

past releases:

håkon - s/t - cdr (tt03)
ep of great, hushed folk songs. limited to 10 copies, hand painted digipack covers, sold at a show 2008-05-25.

sold out.

coal hook - s/t - cdr (tt02)
Coal hoak is jørgen teller and ron schneiderman
a bi-continental, willing-to-travel duo hailing from somewhere close to the eye of the storm with news from beyond instant satisfaction. in the heat of copenhagen’s post-millennium christiania, ron schneiderman (sunburned hand of the man, aethr myth’d et al) and experimental madman & truth-teller jørgen teller (… & the empty stairs) discovered the vibe for coal hook during a one-time performance in december, 2006, with causa sui under the moniker pewt’r jjjjj. the famed venue byens lys and it’s fire-heated wood-house cult-ambience went straight into the blood of this new being. from there the duo met at teller’s city studio a couple of days later for this session of blistering music that proved there was a newly formed bond merely at it’s inauguration. the course has been set for this string to be untied and the story to be opened. the music of coal hook has all the nerve of today’s free rock movement at hands. both contributors have long lasting relationships with the music of free spirits in both improv, alt rock, psychedelica, dub, noise and folk music. coal hook’s autonymous debut offers glances into dark places of insane beauty lighted by flashes of white sonic bolts spewed from two guitars’ glowing strings. odds are thurston moore will like this.

$12.50 + s&h
sold out. try spirit of orr

pewt'r jjjjj - byens lys 061217 - cdr (tt01)
Pewt’r jjjjj is jørgen teller, ron joel schneiderman, jonas munk, jakob skøtt and jess kahr
the joint forces of 3/4 of local stone rock favourites causa sui (jonas (manual), jakob (syntaks), and jess), also local, high-spirited avant-gardist jørgen teller (… & the empty stairs) and loud folk classicist ron joel schneiderman (sunburned hand of the man, aethr myth’d et al) is pewt’r jjjjj. they played a one-time-only show at the magical christiania venue byens lys 06-12-17 and, luckily, it was recorded. though, for reasons still mysterious, the soundboard recording only contained jørgen and ron’s guitars. an audience recording was done, too, which captured everything, but lacked the sound quality of a proper soundboard recording. many a sleepless night were spent brooding over how this fine material could best be presented to the public. renowned electronica artist manual took it upon himself to tie a knot, wherein the loose ends could meet. in addition to re-editing the entire audience recording, he threw a few drones and spacey sounds that he created from playing around with the recording of ron and jørgen’s guitars into the mix. a bit of extra guitar was laid down as well. the result is an interesting combination of ‘dirty’ stereo recording and post-production. it bears some resemblance to the way miles davis made records in the early 1970s or the early grateful dead’s more acidy records. byens lys 061217 is an imposing mixture of mind-altering, trippy, instrumental, psych, spacerock, freakout, fuzz guitar mayhem. a hawkwind circa ‘brainstorm’ groove with avant-garde overlayering á la early sunburned hand turned into an amon düül II/can krautrock kinda feel.

$12.50 + s&h
sold out. try causa sui